Wedding Gifts Security

When planning your wedding, there will be SO many details to think about. The invitations, the venue, the menu, the dress – and too many more to count! But one of the details often overlooked is… WHO will you trust to safeguard the wedding gifts?

wedding giftsMost often, wedding guests tend to put monetary wedding gifts into a card rather than buying the couple a present.  I’m sure you have been to weddings where cards are placed into a decorative box, a satin bag or maybe a gilded bird cage.  But have you ever given a thought as to what should be done with all those cards at the end of the cocktail hour when the party moves to another area of the venue for dinner? Leaving those cards unattended is not a good idea!

Amelia's Suite
Amelia’s Room – Honeymoon Suite

This is where you need to have a plan in place to safeguard all of those generous gifts.  The bride and groom are far too busy greeting guests and taking photos to worry about carrying the card box to the reception room.  Choosing a trusted friend or family member to move the gifts to a secure area while the transition from cocktails to dinner takes place is imperative.

Because the Stegmaier Mansion also offers Wedding Packages which include 1st night -OR- extended stay Honeymoon Suites, the happy couple can appoint a trusted someone to move the wedding gifts to their room (as well as luggage & overnight necessities), where they can remain behind locked doors until they return to the room later that evening.  If not staying on-premise, appointing someone to remove the cash gifts to their locked trunk until they leave would also provide a layer of security.

Or perhaps, if your Aunt Millie isn’t all about the dancing, you might place the card box near her table so she can keep an eye on it throughout the evening.  But, whoever you choose to help with this important task, be sure to let them know well in advance that you will be depending on them and come up with a plan with which you are comfortable. Leaving this decision until the last minute can cause undue stress on what should be a blissfully happy occasion!