Stegmaier Family CrestThe Frederick & Mary Stegmaier Mansions are considered to be among the foremost architectural jewels in the Wilkes-Barre area – and indeed all of northeastern Pennsylvania.  It is with great pride that over the years we have played host to the most elegant and memorable Weddings & Special Events – and have been visited by sojourners, history & architecture buffs, as well as foreign & domestic dignitaries.

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The Stegmaier Wedding Gallery

Our facilities are simply THE most beautiful, elegant, and whimsical that you’ll find in northeastern Pennsylvania.  We accommodate weddings, showers, rehearsal dinners, & ceremonies at BOTH the Mary & Frederick Mansions.  We even include a honeymoon suite!

The Mansions and the rooms are so varied & diverse, we can literally host every aspect of your courtship & wedding without ever duplicating the same experience & setting for your guests.  But it is the PICTURES that you’ll take that will capture & embed these memories…  forever.


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The Mary Stegmaier Mansion

Built in the early 1900s, The Mary Stegmaier Mansion is the picture of Edwardian grandeur.   Able to accommodate larger parties than the Frederick, it features a 1st floor dining area, grand entrance with pianoforte, a Tiffany solarium room, the 2nd floor Grande Ballroom, and 3rd floor preparation & private party rooms.

Features a stunning period Bar Room & the recently renovated ‘Billiards’ Room.


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The Frederick Stegmaier Mansion

Completed in the mid-1800s, The Frederick Stegmaier Mansion is simply the fulfillment of Victorian Elegance.  If features exquisite general usage  & event rooms on the 1st floor (including a lavish dining room) and Bed & Breakfast lodging on the 2nd & 3rd floors.

Beside hosting more intimate weddings & special events, the Frederick has become renowned for its seasonal & thematic Teas.


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Photographs contributed by Studio 63  & Shane East Photography

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