Wedding Venues

Two Unforgettable Wedding Venues

Wedding Kiss
Front Porch Kiss, at the Mary

-Elegant Weddings, Extraordinary Cuisine
-Small -OR- Large Wedding Parties!

For years, the Frederick Stegmaier Mansion has been one of this area’s go-to Wedding Venues and provider of intimate Events.

HOWEVER… with the addition of the Mary Stegmaier Mansion in 2016, we are now able to accommodate LARGE Weddings and Events in our expansive Grande Ballroom!

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Creating ‘Forever’ Experiences…

Roses atop a Wedding Cake
Stegmaier Wedding Cake

Weddings, Bridal Showers, or Renewal of Vows…

At The Stegmaier Mansions, your events are transformed into truly memorable and unparalleled experiences.  We take pride in crafting events of distinction completely tailored to you!

The Mansion staff dedicates its talent and diligence in making your rehearsal dinner, ceremony, and reception “personal, regal, and unforgettable…” – for you, your family, and your guests.  Therefore, we are here to assist you in every aspect of designing the perfect celebration!

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Meals & Packages

Frederick - One of 2 Wedding Venues
Elegant setting at the Frederick

Each menu is custom designed for your palate, and priced according to your budget.

Because of the numerous & completely distinct rooms and banquet venues within both The Frederick & Mary Stegmaier Mansions, we can host EACH ASPECT of your celebration (with a consolidated pricing package) without ever duplicating your experience, including:

  • A choice between 2 Wedding Venues
  • Bridal Shower
  • Bridesmaid luncheon
  • Rehearsal Dinner
  • Wedding Ceremony
  • Wedding Reception
  • Wedding Brunch, the following morning
  • Even your Honeymoon!

Pictures & Gallery

Mary - another of 2 Wedding Venues
The Grand Staircase at the Mary Stegmaier Mansion

Your wedding pictures will last a lifetime!

We invite you to explore our BREATHTAKING Gallery page, while you envision the sheer beauty of forever remembering your special day in this setting…

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Wedding & Facility Gallery Page!

What to choose… The elegance of the Victorian Frederick?  The majesty of Edwardian grandeur at the Mary?  With a Stegmaier Mansion wedding, we can help you experience the various aspects of your wedding in either or BOTH settings!  Rehearsal dinner & honeymoon suite at one – ceremony & reception at another.  YOU decide…


one-of-the-bedrooms-at-A Magical Start Together

As the perfect honeymoon suite, The Frederick Stegmaier Mansion specializes in creating memories of superb food and luxurious accommodations that are smothered in an atmosphere and hospitality.

Whether serving as your honeymoon destination or a temporary stopover, The Stegmaier Mansion’s Bridal Suite provides the perfect ambiance for your first night together.

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You provide the dream and We’ll supply the magic!